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In order to make a difference and change the world you have to have endured something painful to make you want to work so hard and dedicate so much of yourself to make that difference. My families pain was that of our daughter named Ali who was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. She is a survivor and we are blessed, unlike so many families that we have come to know during her treatment and those that we have met through WVKCC. They have suffered a loss of child. I love sharing Ali’s stories and the stories of the other children through WVKCC. Awareness is key and I emphasize that. We all need to get involved in helping these children. They are here in WV in your community, in your schools they are your neighbors.


“Do not wait until someone you know goes through something horrible like I did…get involved now.”



Kelly Wymer

Mother of Ali Wymer and Co-Founder
of WV Kids Cancer Crusaders

Many people in our lives have been affected by cancer. From the beginning of the diagnosis and through the journey their battle is not easy. These children and families are the driving force and inspiration behind out coalition. We created Cancer Crusaders to promote awareness, support, education and a unified voice, because no one should fight this battle alone. Together we can unite and fight Childhood Cancer. God Bless.



Doug Skaff, Jr. & Marisa Skaff
Co-Founders of WV Kids Cancer Crusaders​

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